NDSM wharf presents

"Walls no Walls"

in cooperation with "Tijdelijk museum Amsterdam"

'Borders' are in fact entirely fictitious illusions, besides being interchangeable and different to everybody.

Curator Patricia de Ruijter

Thur 8 till monday 12 may 2008
Thur 15 till sunday 18 may 2008
Visiting hours: 13:00 - 19:00 hrs

NDSM werf
TT Neveritaweg 15
1033 WB Amsterdam

Live program:
Opening happening 9th of may
from 17:00 - ±22:00 hrs.
With performances of:
Voin de Voin, PlayLabWorks and Jan Dominique.

Entrance free.

For more information please contact: patricia@test-portal.nl

The exhibition is also open during the evening program of CLUB NDSM: Live Art Zone #1
16 & 17th of may 2008
Performances und Getränke au Terrain Vaque, 19:30 - 01:00hrs
Entrance € 15,-
Participating artists:

Voin de Voin- renate_2
Performer and curator
presents: “another brick in the wall”
url: www.myspace.com/voindevoin

Openings Performance 9 May at 18.30 hrs.
This performance will transform towards an installation. My job is to contextualize the body-and examine it’s functions in different environments!
Another brick in the wall-is about the subject of creating an identity that is attached to political innuendo in post-modernity! It is a proposition of mechanisms -how do we go forwards-if there are so many...walls?

Abdellatif Benfaidoul
Video- film-maker and curator
presents: "In her time 2008 DVD Loop" and "The dancer 2006 DVD Loop".
url: http://www.benfaidoul.com


"In my work I collect images which express desires, questions, attitudes, anger, ideas, criticism, provocation and poetry. Between all this there is always certain connection."

Ate Matthijs Hes Certified Human ™
aka: M / CEO of IVCOD / HongKongGeorge / Mofvag
presents: "Out Cross" private Collection of Morad Bouchakour.
And a selection of his video works.ate
url: http://www.atemhes.nl

Out Cross made out of burnt 
emergency exit signs.
Series of 3, sold out, sorry!
Buy art, buy even more!

You will find all of his fine video works at the MOFVAG M's Online Fine Video Art Gallery.
Art For Everybody by Ate M Hes

As someone who is interested in artist's books, I'm always looking for work in which the form helps to convey the content - art that couldn't exist in another medium without being damaged or changed. These videos stand out for having just that quality. Great stuff!, impress  (Fiji Island Mermaid Press)

Pieter W. Postma
Sculpture / Installations

presents: Eéno Bismi (2006);  Javmo Hopr (2006)
web: http://www.pieterwpostma.nl

pieter Pieter's art speaks directly the viewer. It's accessible for anyone who takes the time to understand the concept beneath it and enjoyable even for those who do not. There are layers beneath the beautiful exteriors: the art harkens back to the young boy's dream, the refugee's search for a better life or the explorer's push for discovery.

Pieter's sculptures are aesthetically pleasing. They can be shiny, use striking color, symmetry and form. Other times, they are startling and out of context. They make the viewer stop and think about what is happening. The scenes are as if from another dimension that we as visitors have accidentally stumbled upon. His work also hints at the alienation we can all feel, as if our surroundings are suddenly new and all the rules have changed.

Zoot Derks, Jeanette Groenendaal and Adam Zaretsky
And the Participating Students of Vivoarts 2007, The Arts and Genomics Centre, Leiden University
presents: The documentary "Dangerous Liaisons", Leiden University Embryology Arts Honors Class.
Openings performance PlayLabWorks presents
: Human Egg cubator experience with Adam Zaretsky and Jennifer Willet.
url: http://www.artsgenomics.org

teslaDangerous Liaisons is a documentary of a Transgenic Pheasant Embryology Art and Science Laboratory taught by Adam Zaretsky at the University of Leiden as a part of an Honors Course called, Vivoarts, Art and Biology Studio. Held by the Arts and Genomics Centre, this hands-on performance art wet-lab was documented in order to stimulate debate about the use of new biological methods for permanent alteration of genetic inheritance.
Country of Production: The Netherlands
Language: English and Dutch (with Subtitles)
Producer: G-Netwerk
Director: no director, a spontaneous registration
Cinematographer: Zoot Derks, Jeanette Groenendaal
Editor: Zoot Derks, Jeanette Groenendaal
Composer: - ericm
Thanks to the Participating Students of Vivoarts 2007, The Arts and Genomics Centre, Leiden University
Distributor Email: G-net@chello.nl, zootderks@hotmail.com, emu@emutagen.com
Supported by (institutions, fundings, sponsors, ...): The Arts and Genomic Centre http://www.artsgenomics.org/ Gorleaus Laboratory, Leiden University

Merel Zwart
Photographer / Utopitect
presents: 'Berlin 2006' and 'Space Invaders', two series from her project 'Utopitect'
web: http://www.merelzwart.nl


"It is possible to believe that all the past is but the beginning of a beginning, and that all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn. It is possible to believe that all the human mind has ever accomplished is but the dream before the awakening"
H. G. Wells

In her project 'Utopitect', Merel explores the architectural illusions and disillusions of utopian endeavors. She (re)constructs images of political ideologies and technological progress, taking the viewer back in time, yet at the same time, offering a critical view of the future. In her autonomous/documentary work, she blurs the boundaries of past and present, dreams and reality, progress and stagnation, emotion and reason.

Juliette Erkelens

Autonomous documentair photographer
presents: “Above the stars or”
url: www.juliette-erkelens.nl
Recently Juliette made a book for a mental health clinic. For some clients their stay in the clinic is forced, for some it is voluntary. The clinic appears to be a world in itself, in which local time is very important. A safe world with much structure. But time in the outside world seems to stand still and it is almost as if you disappear from that world. What remains of you is that more or less? Some of the photo works made during this project wil be showed.

During the project Juliette met the poet Jan Dominique van Amsterdam.

Jan Dominique van Amsterdam
presents: “Een mooie dag” (a beautiful day)

Openings performance with his Poetry from his cord “een mooie dag” (a beautiful day).
This performance will be recorded by Juliette and presented during the exhibition near her photographic works.

Marjolein Edwall
Autonomous photographer
Fake documentary black and white studio photos
presents: “ INTO THE BLACK HOLE”

web: www.marjoleinedwall.eu

We can only enter into a black hole, never leave, unless the black hole turns out to be a wormhole, a tunnel into elsewhere or else when.


The dream of science is to send a probe to it's certain destruction into the gravitational abyss of a black hole. Just before the disintegration of the probe, it will send famous last words from the black hole back to base.

Patricia de Ruijter
now –Art photography / installations.
presents: "Energetic Transformation" and "New -Land" images.
url: www.mediakaal.nl

Art and life are never really separated to me. What interests me is the human being in relation to his or her perception of their environment, digitally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Preferably without really making such distinctions. So called contrasts or counterparts flow over into each other. The perspective is the question!
Part of my interest in space is the creating of possible future landscapes. It is important to show that there are always alternative possibilities.


'Borders' are in fact entirely fictitious illusions, besides being interchangeable and different to everybody.

I think it is important to be aware of this and also pay attention to what connects us universally.